Choosing Deceit
Shun-Ur Book I a fantasy fiction

by s.r. sarai

Two thousand years after a devastating war and the loss of millions of lives, a remnant of the eldest people in Sanjin continues to try and fulfill their duties to their Creators. Though their Task requires years of intense study and self-sacrifice, the Mei have enjoyed life as the guardian race. Their belief system is thrown into disorder when one of their own declares that he has been charged with ending the ongoing battle between the children of the Creators and those made by the Destroyer. Whether they believe him or not, La-Hye cha Dun-Sir will set off into the West to find the Destroyer and attempt to bring peace back to the world of Sanjin.....

  • A Young Man Named "Deceit" Chosen to Save the World?
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S. R. Sarai has created a world... which is very similar to the world we know, about the constant battle between good and evil...

Sarai spins a wonderful tale... The characters are unforgettable

- Brenda Lisbon of The RAWSISTAZ™ Reviewers

S. R. Sarai

S.R. Sarai is a Chicagoan. Her pen name is an honor to her mother.

After reading fantasy and science fiction for more than twenty-five years, the author decided that she would write about the Black, Native American, and Asians that she wanted to see in fantasy stories. Broadly familiar with the genre – especially the knighthood genre – and with a background in history, she decided to write fiction about the southern hemisphere. In addition to the Journals of African Civilizations, she enjoys a variety of fantasy and science fiction authors. Choosing Deceit is the first of four planned novels. The novels are set in a geographic area that readers familiar with the Sahel, East Africa, Middle East, North America, Central Asia and South Asia would quickly recognize. Its multicultural characters should be enjoyed by fantasy fiction readers of all backgrounds.

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S.R. Sarai’s Choosing Deceit: Shun-Ur Book I, a gripping work of fantasy fiction, is available for purchase at several fine retailers.

Choosing Deceit
Shun-Ur Book I
by S.R. Sarai
  • Publisher: Xlibris Publishing
  • ISBN13: 978-1-4257-6337-4
  • ISBN: 1-4257-6337-5
  • Paperback, 407 Pages
  • Subject: Fantasy / Fiction
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